15 Things to Make your Master Bedroom Look Amazing

You spend several hours each day in your master bedroom and for this reason, it is important to make it appealing and relaxing. There are various things you can do to make your master bedroom look amazing. Here are 15 tips to get you started.

#15. Combine Tasking Lighting and Overhead

Combine Tasking Lighting and OverheadOne of the best ways to make your master bedroom look great is to use the right kind of lighting. Relaxation should be your first consideration when you are choosing lighting. Install some overhead lighting and pair it with some task lighting such as sconces and bedside lamps. All the lights you install should have dimmers to allow you to turn them down when you get in bed or want to read.

#14. Select Appropriate Color Schemes

Select Appropriate Color SchemesFor a great looking master bedroom, pick the right color scheme. Select 3 coordinating colors. You can combine orange, yellow and red or white, blue and chocolate brown.

 #13. Get Fresh Flowers

Get Fresh FlowersFresh flowers are a wonderful addition in a master bedroom. Place a fresh bouquet each week to brighten up the space.

 #12. Place Mirrors on Walls

Place Mirrors on WallsUsing mirrors on one of your master bedroom walls can help make the room appear bigger and brighten it up.

 #11. Declutter

DeclutterA master bedroom can only look amazing if it is free of clutter. Organize your bedroom and make sure there is nothing on your floor apart from furniture pieces. You can take advantage of storage boxes if you have to keep some of your belongings under the bed.

 #10. Dress Up your Bed

The bed is the focal point in the master bedroom and for this reason, you should dress it up. Get some good sheets and an attractive duvet.

 #9. Buy Individual Furniture Pieces

Buy Individual Furniture Pieces]When you purchase furniture, it does not have to be matching. Buy some nice individual pieces and limit your furniture to basics such as chest of drawers, dresser, nightstand, and bed.

 #8. Add Seating

Select Appropriate Color SchemesInclude some seating in your master bedroom for decoration and functional purposes.

 #7. Limit Accessories

When you want to accessorize your dresser or chest, it is advisable to limit it to three items. The accessories should match your furniture.

 #6. Add Drapery

Add DraperyDrapery is essential in a bedroom. You can choose window toppers or long panels. The fabric you select should match with your bedding.

 #5. Include Wall Art

Wall ArtWall art is a great way to decorate your master bedroom especially in a large room. Keep your art simple and ensure it is proportional. For large walls, a large piece can work well.

 #4. Use TV Cabinetry

Use TV CabinetryIf you choose to have a TV in your bedroom, conceal it in an attractive cabinet to conceal it. This will ensure your master bedroom maintains its restful look and the cabinetry will function as a decorative item.

 #3. Install Exposed Beams

Install Exposed BeamsYou are likely to spend a lot of time staring at your master bedroom ceiling and this makes it necessary to make it interesting. Exposed beams are a good choice if you want to create a rustic or casual look.

 #2. Add a Fireplace

http://designkastle.com/2012/12/decorating-suite-bedroom-ideas-bedroom-interior-designs/traditional-master-bedroom-ideas-with-fireplace-decoration/To make your master bedroom cozy and warm all year round, add a fireplace.

 #1. Exploit the View

Exploit the ViewIf your master bedroom has a great view of your neighborhood, make the most of it by installing large windows that bring in your surroundings into the room.






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