Top 10 Best Cotton Salon Towels Review

If you are looking for the best salon towels on Amazon, then you are in the right place. Depending on what you want to do with the towel has a lot to do with the type of towel you are choosing.

However, you can get the best bleach-proof salon towels at wholesale prices as long as you consider color, material, and size. There are large sizes that enhance comfort and absorbents, thus ideal for commercial purposes.

Also, the number of towels plays a significant role in choose the best salon towels bleach-proof. Therefore, we shall look at the top 10  best Cotton Salon Towels on the market.

Top 10 Best Cotton Salon Towels

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#1. GOLD TEXTILES  60Pcs  White  Cotton Blend Salon-Towels

GOLD TEXTILES  60Pcs  White  Cotton Blend Salon-Towels

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GOLD TEXTILES produces the best 16x27inch white salon towels with a cotton blend economy.  Moreover, there are 5 lightweight dozen towels, with each dozen weighing 2.9 pounds. Furthermore, it’s a blend of 16% polyester and 84% cotton that ensures a soft feel, light, and longevity absorbents. GOLD TEXTILES  white salon towels are made using cam border design, and with double stitches, which prevents shrinking and improves makes it strong. They are also machine washable and have fast drying thin layer

  • Cam border design with double stitched
  • 85% cotton and 16% polyester material
  • 5 dozen (60 pieces) white towels

#2. GOLD TEXTILES Bleach Proof Salon Towels

GOLD TEXTILES Bleach Proof Salon Towels

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Considered the best bleach-proof salon towels wholesale made from Ring Spun Cotton, making them have a plush and soft feel. Moreover, they are absorbent, lightweight 16×27-inch brown towels that dry quickly. Additionally, they are woven with high-quality materials and have firm double-stitched edges, meaning it is strong and durable.  Furthermore, they are made with cotton terry cloth material, which absorbs and retains moisture. Lastly, there are 24 towels for hair care, bathing, or any suitable task.

  • 24 16×27-inch brown towels
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton
  • strong double-stitched edges

#3. DAN RIVER 100% Cotton Salon Towels

DAN RIVER 100% Cotton Salon Towels

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These towels are designed with super absorbent fibers capable of soaking spills and moisture and withstand harsh chemicals. Moreover, the saloon towels are also long-lasting due to their high-quality material and design.  When dealing with manicures, shaving, foot baths, or coloring/dyeing hair, this is the best cotton towel since it’s stain-resistant.  There are 24 100% breach-proof towels that measure 16×26 inches; thus, will meet all your needs. Moreover, their sleek design makes them look amazing in your closet.

  • Stain-resistant towels
  • 100% Cotton fabric
  • Long-lasting and reusable design

#4. Utopia Towels UT2DZSALONBPBLACK Cotton Bleach-Proof Salon Towels

Utopia Towels UT2DZSALONBPBLACK Cotton Bleach-Proof Salon Towels

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By: Utopia Towels Store

These towels have been made using 100% cotton material that makes them soft and increases absorbent ability.  24 back towels are ideal for personal or professional use, especially in Barbershops or salons.  Moreover, they can withstand the harsh chemicals due to their bleach p[roof nature. With a  size of 16×27 inches, they can serve various cleaning roles. Their stunning quality makes them durable. These towels are machine washable and need tumble dry low.

  • 100% cotton material
  • 24 pack black salon towels
  • Machine washable

#5. Amazon Basics Cotton Hand Towels


Amazon Basics Cotton Hand Towels

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By: Amazon Basics Store

These towels measure 20×40 inches and are made of high-quality materials.  Also, you can use them flawlessly.  Moreover, they are made using cotton hair material, which makes them lightweight with 4.9lbs per dozen. Furthermore, the materials are durable and soft, and you can use them in a salon, gym, spring cleaning, or janitorial. They may also be used for pet grooming, hotels, or spa because of their large size. Again, they feature a double stitch hem that ensures soft texture and durability.

  • Reinforced edges prevent unraveling
  • 2 dozen white cotton towels
  • Lint-free & durable construction

#6. GREEN LIFESTYLE 24Pcs Black Salon Towels Bulk Wholesale

GREEN LIFESTYLE 24Pcs Black Salon Towels Bulk Wholesale

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These black towels have been made from 100%  high-quality ringspun cotton material, making them functional, soft, and absorbent. Additionally, these are multipurpose towels used for different purposes in the gym or country clubs.  The towel has a size of 16×28 inches and comes in a pack of 24, which will meet all your needs besides offering comfort, coverage, and absorbency.  Lastly, they are bleach safe and black resistant, meaning you can use them on the saloon, and stains won’t affect them.

  • 100% Cotton material
  • 16 x 28 inches towel
  • functional, soft, and absorbent

#7. Utopia Cotton UTSALON2DZ16SWHITE 24-Pack Salon Towels

Utopia Cotton UTSALON2DZ16SWHITE 24-Pack Salon Towels

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By: Utopia Towels Store

With a total of 24 white salon towels that are woven using 100% ringspun cotton,  you can enjoy the softness and comfort while using them.  Moreover, they measure 16×27-inch; thus, they are reliable and can offer optimal performance.  The cotton terry cloth material improves these towels’ performance as they can absorb more, retain more moisture, and remain vibrant. Lastly, these towels are machine washable, and it’s good not to use fabric softeners, bleach, or iron to preserve their original quality.

  • 100% cotton material
  • 16x17inch white salon towel
  • Machine washable

#8. GOLD TEXTILES 24Pcs White Cotton Blend Hand Towels

GOLD TEXTILES 24Pcs White Cotton Blend Hand Towels

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There are 24 towels, each measuring 16×27 inches, thus serving in hotels, gyms, or salons.  Moreover, they are lightweight, where each dozen weigh 2.9lbs, and it’s made of 16% polyester and 84% cotton material. Furthermore, its high-quality material ensures longevity absorbent features; thus, e ensures you are always clean.  They adopt Cam Border Design and have double stitching, which prevents shrinking and improves strength. Lastly, they are machine washable and dries quickly for consistent use.

  • 16×27-Inch Cotton salon towel
  • Economy grade quality
  • Machine washable and dry quickly

#9. Arkwright Bleach-Safe Salon Towels

Arkwright Bleach-Safe Salon Towels

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By: Arkwright LLC Store

Arkwright bleach-resistant and bleach safe salon towels have 100% high-quality ringspun cotton, making them soft and absorbent.  Moreover, they will improve the look of your salon décor, hotel, spa, home and can be the best barbershop towels. Since these towels come in navy color and have stain-resistant properties, they will be ideal for any salon. Additionally, each of the 12 towels measures 16×28 inches meaning they will provide comfort, better absorbency, and optimal coverage.

  • 12 unique 16x28inch navy salon towel
  • 100% high-quality ringspun cotton
  • Best multifunctional towels

#10. GREEN LIFESTYLE 12Pack Bleach Proof Towels, Black

GREEN LIFESTYLE 12Pack Bleach Proof Towels, Black

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GREEN LIFESTYLE bleach proof salon towels wholesale prices are often better than when you buy them separately. Moreover, they feature 100% high-quality ringspun cotton materials that make them high absorbents and very soft. Additionally, if you are looking for multifunctional cosmoprof salon towels, this is the best choice.  They are also bleach proof and can serve in a gym, spa, hair & nail salon, and home hair care. Lastly, there are 12 (16×28 inches) black towels that provide comfort and coverage

  • 100% cotton stain resistant towels
  • Best machine washable salon towels Walmart
  • Multifunctional towels improve comfort and absorbency


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