Top 10 Best Intex Pool Slide Review

It’s not only the kids who need playtime but also adults who need it to strengthen the family bond. You must not have a pool to enjoy fun water activities as there are the best Splash Water Park brands on the market.

For instance, the Intex water slide shark provides sufficient playing space plus other unique features. Furthermore, you can also find the Intex pool slide Walmart and Amazon, which makes it easy to buy the best Intex pool slide.

Moreover, if you have a pool in your compound, there are the best Intex  Kool pool slides that will add more fun as you swim with your loved ones.

Top 10 Best Intex  Pool Slide

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#1. Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide


Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide

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By: Pogo Bounce House

This is the best pool slide with a retro look and modern flume that make it ideal for your backyard. Moreover, it features a high-volume water delivery system that you can plumber via the pool’s return line or connects to your garden hose. Furthermore, it has wide & deep flumes, ensuring you can safely and comfortably slide through it.  Additionally, it’s possible to mount this pool slide in-deck or on the surface, making it compatible with many pools. However, you need to buy the flanges separately.

  • Support up to 30 lbs. weight
  • 7ft tall pool slide
  • Sturdy rotomolded construction enhances durability & strength

#2. WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide

WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide

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This best Inflatable Water Slide features heavy-duty polyester fiber designed with double lining and double seams for durability and stability. Furthermore, its ladders and climbing wall will let you reach the top for endless fun. Additionally, the shallow pool accommodates more people, while the flexible castle is ideal for kids to show their skills. This inflatable water slide will be full; thus, it’s easy to install. You can connect to your garden hose, which makes it the best water slide pack.

  • Three inflatable sport balls
  • Four water guns
  • Adventure, fun, competition modes

#3. ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide


ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide

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ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide Plunge Slide offers a 60-inch sliding surface that can accommodate two users for more fun. Moreover, it’s compatible with the water trampoline having 35-40 inches tube diameter. The company uses high-quality Duratex materials, including 500d fabric fused with a 28-ounce PVC layer that maximizes strength and durability. Moreover, this inflatable pool slide has UV Block treatment to prevent UV rays’ effects that usually affect water sports products. Lastly, it includes three heavy-duty grip molded handles that allow easy boarding or transport.

  • Includes heavy-duty stainless straps & fittings
  • Sleek design that makes it presentable
  • double-wide 60″ sliding surface

#4. BANZAI Slide N-Soak Splash Water Park

BANZAI Slide N-Soak Splash Water Park

[Azonasinid asinid=”B0899GL3KL”]

By: Banzai Store

This is the best water pack that’s ideal for five players having five years and above.  Since it measures 95x184x114 inches, it won’t cover much of your compound space but will provide the right play area.  The total weight it can hold is 600lbs (maximum individual weight is 120lbs while max combined weight is 150lbs). Moreover, it comes with a Blower motor having gfci, thus ensuring optimal safety and convenience. Furthermore, the water spraying hose can inflate within 2 minutes and is also detachable.

  • Oxford polyester, electrical components, PVC, and PP
  • Best for five players
  • Includes three Blower Ground Stakes

#5. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Park

Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Park

[Azonasinid asinid=”B07RV6XN9F”]

By: Sunny & Fun

Deluxe Inflatable Water Park comes with a water slide, small splashdown pool, and climbing wall that enable different water activities. This best inflatable pool slide comes with a high-end electric air pump that allows effortless and quick inflation. Also, it’s made using high-quality fabric that’s durable and puncture-resistant. Moreover, the reinforced stitching ensures strength for years. Also, it eliminates 6.3x15x7.3 feet, thus ideal for outdoor recreation in your compound. Lastly, it has a 7.3ft slide height and accommodates 220lbs maximum weight.

  • electric air pump inflates in 2min
  • includes 8 Water slide stakes
  • Air hose assembly kit and connector

#6. Intex Inflatable Pool Water Slide


Intex Inflatable Pool Water Slide

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By: Intex Store

The water slide has a 20 gauge vinyl material construction fused with strong seams; thus, it provides unrivaled strength and durability. Also, its unique design incorporates five separate chambers to enhance safety and durability. Moreover, it comes with heavy-duty handles for easy climbing and portability.  You can also climb this water slide using the position of the inflatable stair on the back. Again, the soft landing pad protrudes into the pool to ensure 100% safety. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it’s ideal for 6years and above.

  • Includes repair patch kit
  • Soft landing pad extension
  • Sturdy 20 gauge vinyl construction

#7. Intex  426755 Inflatable Kids Pool W/Slide (2pack)

Intex  426755 Inflatable Kids Pool W/Slide (2pack)

[Azonasinid asinid=”B07KZ5P8F8″]

By: Intex Store

Intex pool slide measures 9.75ft x6.33ft x 53 inches; thus, will provide enough space for your little ones to enjoy the summer season.  Furthermore, it comes with an inflatable water slide, ball roller game, ball base game, and ring toss game. Moreover, the Intex  Kool pool slide has an inbuilt spray that plugs easily into your standard garden horse. The main pull accommodates up to 6 inches of water while the wading pool allows only 10inches of water. Lastly, it includes draining plugs in the wading pool and the main pool.

  • Built-in sprayer
  • Accommodate 5-6 kids for fun water activity
  • Best for two years and above

#8. Intex  58849EP Inflatable Play Center

Intex  58849EP Inflatable Play Center

[Azonasinid asinid=”B01KUL0D4Q”]

By: Intex Store

This is the best Intex water slide for an inground pool and measures 131x81x46 inches. Moreover, it can accommodate up to 176lbs capacity so your kids can enjoy playing water games during summer. Furthermore, robust 20 gauge vinyl construction provides support and safety to your kids while having fun.  Moreover, it comes with five air chambers that ensure the Intex water slide shark’s safety and durability. Moreover, six heavy-duty handles make the Intex pool slide portable.

  • Targets 6 years above kids
  • Features 6 heavy-duty handles
  • Comes with a repair patch

#9. LANGXUN Large Slide For Sports Climber And Kids

LANGXUN Large Slide For Sports Climber And Kids

[Azonasinid asinid=”B07S6MSW3Q”]


LANGXUN Large pool slide features high-quality PE construction, which is strong and environmentally friendly.  Moreover, it doesn’t contain any metal fittings. Therefore, you’ll not need assembly tools during mounting.  Furthermore, it’s a 4-in-1 pool slide that contains fun hoop games, ring games, as well as a combination of slide & climbs features. The closed climb steps are ideal for the safety of kids while playing. The added plastic rings and basketballs enable toddlers to have absolute fun.

  • 100 pounds weight capacity
  • Gentle slope & easy-to-climb steps
  • The 63-inch super long slide

#10. Intex 57161EP Jungle Adventure Inflatable Play Center, Multicolor

Intex  57161EP Jungle Adventure Inflatable Play Center, Multicolor

[Azonasinid asinid=”B07MBHK9SY”]

By: Intex Store

Intex water slide surf features a large and small pool that provides a conducive playing environment for kids two years and above.  Other unique features include ring toss, five balls, monkey, inflatable arch, water slide, and flamingo, which provides optimal fun.  Moreover, the bottom of the Intex water slide has a landing mat that provides extra padding. The recommended weight it can accommodate is 178lbs. however, you can quickly drain the water using the included drain plug located on the pool floor

  • Made of PVC material
  • Consists of a landing mat for added padding
  • 178lbs maxing load capacity


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