Top 10 Best Mosquito Insect Killer Machine Review

Mosquitoes are the most annoying insect that disrupts your sleep and causes malaria. Keeping them away from your home can keep your families free from diseases and ensures sound sleep.

However, much you try using mosquito nets; they will still find their way and make noise around the net. With modern technology, you can find the best electric mosquito killer machine that will kill other insects.

Since many mosquito killer lamps vary in terms of area coverage and zapping technique, it’s essential to know more about the various mosquito trap brands on the market. As a result, we shall look at the top 10 best Mosquito insect killer machine reviews.

Top 10 Best Mosquito Insect Killer Machine

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#1. Flowtron BK-80D 80W Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron BK-80D 80W Electronic Insect Killer

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By: Flowtron

Flowtron BK-80D is the best electric mosquito killer machine with rugged, waterproof construction that won’t crack, rust, or fade quickly. Moreover, it has a highly efficient and nonclogging killing grid, and bulb replacement is easy. With a dimension of 11x11x18.5 inches, Flowtron electronic insect killer covert limited space. Moreover, the cord has a length of 9 inches, which allows easy power access. Also, it uses an Octenal attractant that attracts mosquitoes. Lastly, it has a protective outer enclosure that protects kids

  • Protects 1½ acres area
  • 15W high-intensity ultraviolet
  • weatherproof polycarbonate construction

#2. GLOUE Bug Zapper Indoor


GLOUE Bug Zapper Indoor

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By: GLOUE Store

Using this advanced 2-in-1 bug zapper & attractant, you can attract and kill all the insects bothering you, including mosquitoes. Moreover, the attractants have a powerful attraction and easily lure insets before killing them. Furthermore, it’s the most powerful mosquito zapper on the market with a Built-in DC 2200 speed Fan that will suck all the insects. It can also kill mosquitoes within a 1.2m ft area, thus keeping the insect away from your home. By removing the tray, you can easily clean insect killer and attractant.

  • It Covers 1.2m
  • Simple installation & easy to clean
  • Includes long 7ft cord

#3. KATCHY 2 Auto Sensor Indoor Insect & Flying Bugs Trap

KATCHY 2 Auto Sensor Indoor Insect & Flying Bugs Trap

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By: KATCHY Store

The UV light attracts the mosquitoes; the fan sucks it while the sticky glue boards trap it. That’s how simple it is to get rid of mosquitoes from your compounds. Furthermore, it has a sleek and stylish design; thus, it will improve your home’s look. It’s the best electric mosquito killer machine for indoor use and works best when the lights are off. The machine is also easy to use since you can choose between automatic and manual settings depending on your needs.

  • automatic or manual setting
  • sleek and stylish design
  • Require 3 AAA batteries

#4. TBI outdoor Pro Bug Zapper and Attractant

TBI outdoor Pro Bug Zapper and Attractant

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By: TBI Pro

This is a 2-in-1 bug zapper & attractant that keeps insect ways from your compound. The reusable, non-toxic attractant enhances the efficiency of this machine. Moreover, it includes a 20W high-intensity UV lamp that attracts mosquitoes to the mosquito zapper then kills them instantly. Furthermore, it has a robust 4200V nonclogging grid and can attract insects within 2100sq. Ft range. Moreover, this mosquito zapper is human and animal friendly and eco-friendly since it has no chemicals, insecticides, or toxic sprays.

  • collection tray and bonus brush
  • 2100sq. ft coverage
  • 47-inch power cord

#5. Livin’ Well Best Bug Zapper

Livin' Well Best Bug Zapper

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By: Livin’ Well Store

This package gives you a 4000V electric mosquito zapper and mosquito killer for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Moreover, it offers an unrivaled defense against insects within 1500sq. Ft thus keeps your deck, patio, and outdoor living space protected. For optimal eradication of insects in your compound, it has a galvanized steel mosquito zapper grid, insect trap, and 18-Watt UVA bug light that attracts traps, and kills mosquitoes. The mosquito killer lamp outdoor has a standing base, a 6ft power cord, and a lump hook and lasts for 8000 hours

  • Easy-to-clean mosquitoes trap tray
  • 18W UVA bug light
  • 4,000V electric mosquito killer power

#6. POWBUZZ Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer


POWBUZZ Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer

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This mosquito killer comes with a mosquito trap that attracts the insects as the build-in fan creates more potent airflow suction. As a result, it sucks insects into the net and traps them till they die. Moreover, it’s the quietest insect killer on the market with a sound level below 30db; therefore, it won’t disrupt your sound sleep. With 360° vortex suction, no mosquito will survive in your room. Furthermore, the mosquito killer is eco-friendly and doesn’t affect pets or humans in any way.

  • Removable net at the bottom
  • Harmless and Eco-Friendly mosquito killer
  • LED light and all-around the suction

#7. Oriflame Electric Mosquito and Fruit Fly Trap

Oriflame Electric Mosquito and Fruit Fly Trap

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By: Oriflame

These mosquito traps don’t contain toxicity, radiation, chemical substance, or radiation, thus considered the best mosquito killer for bedrooms. Despite that, it doesn’t produce disruption; it guarantees environmental and human health safety. Again, you can easily clean the mosquito trap and disinfect it for long years of service. Furthermore, it has a USB interface suitable with an adapter with USB ports such as computers, mobile power supplies, notebooks, or power banks. Moreover, you can use this electric mosquito killer machine outdoors and indoors.

  • Have a USB interface
  • Easy to clean mosquito trap
  • Free from toxic chemicals

#8. GTOCS Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric


GTOCS Bug Zapper Outdoor Electric

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This insect’s bug zapper is equipped with a 360-degree mesh grid, which maximizes zapping performance. Moreover, it comes with a unique UV lamp that attracts moths, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects using a 365nm wavelength. Then, the 1000-Volts high-voltage grid kills them, thus ideal for your family needs. Innoo Tech insect killer is environmentally friendly and will kill mosquitoes without endorsing the life of your loved ones. Once plugged in into the power outlet, it will attract insects and kill them while maintaining the sound level below 20db

  • Includes metal hanging hook
  • Cover 60sq meters range
  • 1000V high-voltage grid

#9. Oriflame Electric Mosquito Zappers

Oriflame Electric Mosquito Zappers

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By: Digity Dogs

After powering this mosquito zapper, its lamp will attract insets before shooting down using a voltage power grid. It’s a mosquito zapper that doesn’t include harmful chemicals, and it won’t affect the environment or human health. The multi-directional circuitry and superpower supply tech reduce power consumption by 20%. Moreover, this bulb has been enclosed in an ABS plastic mesh cover, which protects children and pets from electric shock. Lastly, it can cover up to 35sq. meters range thus best mosquito killer for bedroom

  • Covers 35sq. meter range
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Bulbs enclosed with ABS round plastic mesh

#10. Oriflame Bug Zapper with Insect Fly Trap

Oriflame Bug Zapper with Insect Fly Trap 

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By: Digity Dogs

This is an upgraded mosquito zapper that physically lures insects and shocks them with a high voltage power grid. Moreover, this machine is made free of toxic chemicals or irritating odor; therefore, it’s safe for humans and the environment. Because it adopts multi-directional protection circuitry and superpower supply technology, it will reduce the rate of power consumption by up to 20%. The best way to let it work is to hang it or place it on a flat surface.

  • Includes trap tray and cleaning brush
  • Chemical-free mosquito zapper
  • Work within 35 square meters range


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