Top 10 Best Speed Skate Brands Review

Like any other form of workout, skating can also improve balance and mental clarity. The whole exercise is always fun when you have the best speed skates that restrict skating surfaces.

These are speed roller skating activities that also need the best roller skates. Therefore, our guide is to help you on how to choose the best speed skating. Some of the hits you should consider are comfort, safety, performance, durability, and design.

We understand how it can be not very clear when buying the best speed skate online. So, have a look at these top 10 best speed skaters.

Top 10 Best Speed Skate Brands

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#1. LIKU Performance 125 3WD inline speed skates

LIKU Performance 125 3WD inline speed skates

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BY: LIKU Store

LIKU inline skates feature a Soles buffer block that can reduce road impact, thus protecting your knees and ankles from injury. Furthermore, these best speed skates use an aluminum frame that’s lightweight and strong to provide enough support. Additionally, it has 125 millimeter 85A hardness wheels with spokes, thus ensuring stability and support. The speed skates use a lace closure system and have two micro-adjustable buckles that provide the shoes are fit entirely. Lastly, it uses ABEC bearings that provide minimal vibration, better roll, and more extended wear.

  • EVA elastic cotton with stretch bands
  • Triple secure closure system
  • Aluminum frame and 85A hardness wheel

#2. Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate


Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate

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Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skating has a unique design that features a soft padded tongue and collar for comfortable skating. Moreover, durability is a matter of concern. That’s why these roller skates have high-strength rock plates, trucks, aluminum, and urethane cushions. The use of Abec 5 speed bearings ensure that you can stake flawlessly without being affected by bumps or particles on the road. Moreover, the included Rock 62mm/95a wheels swivel easily and ensure support and stability while improving speed. Lastly, it includes Carrera 5/8-inch toe stoppers.

  • soft padded collar & tongue
  • Abec 5 speed bearings
  • adjustable toe stoppers

#3. Epic Skates Super Nitro Indoor/Outdoor Quad Speed Roller Skates


Epic Skates Super Nitro Indoor/Outdoor Quad Speed Roller Skates

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By: Epic Skates Store

Epic Skates Super Nitro skates have heavy metal trucks, breathable vinyl material, and PowerDyne Thrust plate, making them strong and durable. Furthermore, they come with a Velcro cinch strap, padded tongue, and easy lace system, ensuring easy adjustment and comfortable fit. Riedell R3 Quad Roller Skate uses ABEC-5 ball bearings that reduce friction and ensure you enjoy a smooth ride. With PowerDyne Adjustable toe stopper and Velcro cinch straps, you can skate safely without worries of accidents since it’s easy to control the brakes.

  • Uses sturdy Sonar Cayman wheels
  • Easy-to-lace and comfortable fit
  • High-quality and durable materials

#4. Rollerblade 07958700821 Zetrablade W Inline Skate

Rollerblade 07958700821 Zetrablade W Inline Skate

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By: Rollerblade Store

Rollerblade Zetrablade W inline skate is the best inline speed skates for novice and casual women skaters. Furthermore, they have a high cuff that ensures support while learning skating, while the durable shall provide uncompromised performance and protection.

The inline skates also use a secure closure system and a padded liner that ensures a comfortable fit and safe skating.

Moreover, a durable monocoque frame has a low center of gravity, thus optimizing stability and safety. Lastly, it uses 80mm wheels with 82A hardness.

  • SG5 bearings reduce wearing and moderate speed
  • Padded liner & secure closure system
  • Sturdy and durable monocoque frame

#5. Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates, Black

Crazy Skates Zoom Roller Skates, Black

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By: Crazy Skates Store

Crazy Skates roller skates feature galaxy fiber nylon plates having adjustable urethane toe stops to ensure stability and safe skating. Moreover, it is made with safety and speed in mind. That’s why you’ll find ABEC-5 speed bearings and low-profile urethane wheels. Furthermore, Zoom Roller skates have a softly rolled collar and feature padded boots with a low cut, thus ensuring comfort and support. The company offers the best customer services, and its products are also rated as the best indoor and outdoor roller skates.

  • Classic style with high-quality materials
  • comfortable padded boot
  • ABEC-5 speed bearings

#6. Bont Roller Skates


Bont Roller Skates

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By: Bont Store

Bont Roller Skates speed skaters are white men’s boots having wonder suede lining that provides uncompromised comfort for a safe ride. Furthermore, it comes with an MX 6000 pro series plate, which is strong and will help you during emergencies.  It has 63x35mm Mach 5 speed wheels, which provides enough friction. This enhances stability and support. Another essential feature of this best speed skate is the Abec 3 bearings that minimize road impacts. Lastly, the non-adjustable toe stops are also available to enhance your safety.

  • Designed with Mach 5 speed wheels
  • Includes non-adjustable toe stops
  • Uses Abec 3 bearings

#7. VNLA Junior SLVR Jam Skate


VNLA Junior SLVR Jam Skate

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By: V N L A

VNLA Junior SLVR Jam Speed Roller Skates comes with blue and black laces to match your outfit. Moreover, it comes with a comfortable padded collar that makes your feet feel relaxed and free from pain. Additionally, it features an adjustable speed strap so your feet can fit comfortably. Also, it includes a nylon plate having double action trucks. Again, it uses Indoor/Outdoor Polyurethane wheels that make it easy to skate indoor and outdoor without falling quickly. Lastly, it features ABEC-5 8mm speed bearings that ensure a smooth ride

  • comfortable padded collar
  • adjustable speed strap
  • ABEC-5 8mm speed bearings

#8. VNLA Junior Tuxedo Jam Skates


VNLA Junior Tuxedo Jam Skates

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By: Vanilla Skates

These are the best roller skates for women and men with ABEC-3 bearings to enhance quick rolling. Moreover, the 62mm/90A wheels allow you to roll smoothly on different surfaces. The speed skate also has a shaped inner sole, supporting padding, padded upper collar, and Velcro strap that works together to enhance safety, security, and comfort. You have the option of customizing these roller skates using the different lases or Ultra-bright wheels to match your outfit. Lastly, they are ideal for speed roller skating, roller derby, or roller hockey.

  • High quality 62mm/90A wheels
  • ABEC-3 full-performance bearings
  • Padded upper collar

#9. Crazy Skates RPP35 Rocket Roller Skates, Pink&Purple

Crazy Skates RPP35 Rocket Roller Skates, Pink&Purple

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By: Crazy Skates Store

Crazy Skates RPP35 has a purple and pink color that’s very impressive and appealing. Moreover, it was built with comfort in mind; thus, it has shaped the inner sole and support padding. Other comfort features include a Velcro strap to ensure the perfect fit and a padded upper collar. With the included ABEC-3 full and 62mm 90A wheels, this roller skate performs favorably compared to other skaters. This speed skate brand produces the best skaters for roller hockey, roller derby, speed skating, or any activity involving roller skates.

  • Best for outdoor/indoor skating
  • 62mm 90A wheels
  • Customizable ultra-bright wheels and laces

#10. K2 Skate I19020020 Youth Marlee Inline Skates [Magenta]

K2 Skate I19020020 Youth Marlee Inline Skates [Magenta]

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By: K2 Skate Store

Features speed lacing design, which secures the skates and allows easy putting off and taking off the skates. Moreover, it uses a Vortech Ventilation System, which ensures your feet are always cold and dry. Additionally, it uses 90mm wheels plus ILQ 9

that help with safe speed and comfortable skating. Furthermore, its high-quality 6061 aluminum frames improve responsiveness, speed while absorbing the vibration too. Lastly, its lightweight V02 supportive cuff is ideal for higher speed and bigger wheels

  • 6061 aluminum frames
  • Vortech Ventilation System
  • 90mm wheels & ILQ 9






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