How To Find Best Location To Build Your Home

Study Location is the first think for architect to do before he any project and start drawing master plan, So you have to collect some data from location for you home to build such as Climate location, Utility, an community infrastructure.

1. Good Climate:

Good climate location that you should find to build a home should have 4 points, there are:

A. Suitable Level:

to prevent from flood and make it easy to access for your transportation and your business if you have.

B. Have no natural disaster:

Have no natural disasterPhoto by Hey Paul

Make sure that the land that you are going to buy it doesn’t it natural disaster area such: storm, earthquake, volcano, floor, or other extreme weather condition.

C. Sun direction:

it is temperature to control your home because, the sun energy would be effect to build by it direction, means if your home going to build have entrance parallel with sun it will be have higher temperature.

D. Good Ground quality:

Before you buy a land to build a new home you must check land history, does it use to build a building before, it too soft or to hard (have lot of rock) that it will be make you spend lots of money to pay on special foundation or pilings.

2. Availability of utilities

A. Potable water:

Photo by Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia

Apart from drinking water to survive, there are many other use for water such as: cooking food, washing bodies, washing clothes, washing vegetable, Washing cooking and eating utensils(knife, spoon…), keeping houses and environment clean, and make recreation(pond, swimming pools and plants gardens)

B. Available electric power:

Photo by Samory Pereira Santos

Electric generator produce electric power in order to operate domestic application, office equipment, and industrial machinery such as: Lamp, TV, Computer, Telephone, Cook, boil water air conditioner and so on.

C. Good publish transport system and medium traffic access:

Photo by Peter Trimming

Means the road that your house along with is easy to access, you are safe on the road, it has a nice view and easy to run the business.

D. Network and connectivity:

Photoby Bruno Girin

To make your live easy to connect to the world your have to be sure that your house is has: Telephone Network, Internet, Television Channel signal available or sometime have Wi-Fi.







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